Body Skincare

10% Body Premium Complex: combination of a slimming & anti-dimple complex to the “Sugar Caps” technology and its new generation of micro pigments.


150 ml tube


$ 75.00 plus taxes

Body Perfect Shaping Cream

Targets fat release

Smoothes the appearance of cellulite

Conceals cutaneous imperfections

Enhances skin aspect

Discover endermologie® cosmetics for the body.

The only skincare line directly inspired by endermologie®

LPG Products

Global Revitalising Cream

150 ml tube


$ 75.00 plus taxes


Orange Peel Smoothing Complex

Targets fat

Smooths cellulite

5% LPG® Exclusive Slimming Complex


3 % Bodyfit®


150 ml tube


$ 75.00 plus taxes

Firming Contour Fluid

Immediate contouring and lifting effect

Tones body contours

2% LPG® Exclusive Anti-Defying Complex


7% Dynalift®


150 ml tube


$75.00 plus taxes

Body Shaping Gel

Chrono-biological fat burning action (day/night)

Volume loss

5 % LPG® Exclusive Slimming Complex


2 % Coralline G®


150 ml Tube


$ 75.00 plus taxes

4% LPG® Exclusive Slimming Complex


1% Escine


150 ml tube


$75.00 plus taxes

Detox Draining Serum

Helps to target fat and eliminate excess water to smooth the skin

Light legs

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